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Name: VG
Are you over 16?: Yuuup
Personal DW: [personal profile] vgcg
Email: toboe_fangirl40(at)yahoo(dot)com
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Other contact: AIM - Dragonhowl7 MSN - Preseathepup(at)hotmal(dot)com
Characters already in the game: Amaterasu, Naoto, Yuuka, Rhyme, Catherine, Deryn
How did you find us?: Over two years ago, a magical person appeared before me and poof!


Character name: Nadia Fortune/Ms. Fortune
Fandom: Skullgirls
Timeline: Post-Storyline aka Her ending (of course, it's a fighting game. Whose arcade ending is canon?)
Age: 20

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Let's be straight forward with Nadia here. She isn't human. Specifically, she's a cat girl and uses her feline genetics to help her when it comes to thievery and fighting with the others in canon.

Her unique ability, though, is having an undead body. Her gang stole a precious artifact from the mafia called the Life Gem. Before she was captured, Nadia ate the gem, after which, it was digested and became part of her body. When she was diced into pieces with her gang, she pulled herself together and continued to live thanks to the Life Gem's ability.

Being undying has affected her methods of thievery and fighting-style. For example, she can pull of her head and it can fight alongside her body. She can also tangle her opponents in her muscle tissue and throw them, use her tail as a sword... hell, she can propel herself using her blood! The whole partially dead gimmick is pretty convenient for her.

Oh, and if puns are magical, she has those too.

How would they use their abilities?: For fun, fighting, and some innocent thievery. She'll protect any friends she makes too.

Appearance: Standing at 5' 8", Ms. Fortune has a short, blonde bob cut and teal eyes with slitted pupils. Her black cat ears stand pretty tall and her tail is very long, both which could be reminiscent of Anubis (her theme music is sounds like the usual Egyptian beat too). She prowls around barefooted, wearing a small teal halter top and leather super shorts with a handy belt carrying several pouches. Her clawed hands are covered by fingerless leather gloves and her thighs and ankles have fashioned leather leggings and cuffs. Finally, she wears a collar with a strange golden bell that looks like a face. All across her tanned body, she leaves her stitches uncovered and has one actual scar on her left cheek.

Helpful image!

(PS: Her measurements are 32B-23-34. I'm not making those up; they're on her character page)

Background/Personality: Shortly after Nadia was born, she was orphaned and adopted by the Fishbone Gang, a group of thieves primarily made of Dagonians, a hybrid race of human and fish. They raised her and cared for her like their own, teaching her the ways of being a thief and using her feline skills to the fullest. Soon, she was a feral like them, running with them as a full-fledged member of the Fishbone Gang. Together, they pulled heists on the rich and giving to those in need. Soon, they planned to strike it big by stealing from the Medici Mafia, a group that has been plaguing the city. Their target was the Life Gem, a bizarre stone whose ability was (obviously) to grant life.

They managed to get the Life Gem, but they didn't manage to escape the Medici Mafia. Nadia swallowed the gem and it digested in her system right before the mafia had them cornered. Then each member was murdered most gruesomely, having their bodies chopped into pieces and tossed into a river. Long after the Medici left, Nadia opened her eyes and somehow pulled herself back together, only to find her family was dead. She went into hiding in Little Innsmouth, a small town inhabited mostly by Dagonians. Not only did she have to figure out what to do next, but she also had to understand and train herself how to use her undead body to her advantage. During this time, Nadia heard about the Skull Heart, a magical item capable of granting any wish, but you have to defeat the Skullgirl in order to get it. Immediately, Nadia decided to train even more in order to fight the Skullgirl and obtain the heart to wish for the Fishbone Gang to come back to life.

(Skullgirl: A powerful entity that once was a normal girl. When the Skull Heart deemed the girl unpure after granting her wish, it transformed her into a monster. Many women try to find the Skullgirl in order to obtain her heart so they can make their own wish, some unaware of the consequence.)

Time passes and Nadia soon hears that the Skullgirl has been spotted. Leaving her new family, she goes to find the Skullgirl, confronting many other females fighting to obtain the Heart for themselves. One woman stands out in particular to Nadia: the ninja nurse, (actually ex-Anti-Skullgirl agent) Valentine. Apparently, the nurse has a thing for Nadia's scars and is curious how exactly she's still alive after being cleaved apart as many times as she has been. Nadia defeats Valentine and the nurse tells Nadia to come to the Grand Cathedral if she wants to fight the Skullgirl. Immediately, Nadia heads to the Cathedral, only to be drawn into fighting both Valentine and the mysterious being simply known as Double.

Defeating both, Nadia heads into the Cathedral's basement, coming face to face with the Skullgirl, Marie. Apparently, both of them have it out for the Medici Mafia, but Nadia doesn't want to hear the whole comparison bit between them. The fight is grueling, but she manages to defeat Marie. With the Skull Heart before her, Nadia thinks about her wish again, but realizes she has a new family to care for and wishing on the Heart might turn her into the monster Marie had become. Nadia destroys the heart instead and heads back to Innsmouth. Unfortunately, when she returns, it turns out that the Medici Mafia has kidnapped all of the daughters in town. She teams up with the local detective Nick and heads out to save them.

Personality wise, Nadia is a feisty feline and acts like a typical cat. She's independent, proud to be a Fishbone Gang member, and confident in both her fighting and thief abilities. When she becomes attached to people she considers family, she'll always wander back to them occasionally and make sure they're alright while also snagging a meal during the visit. Still, Nadia is feral and tends wandering where she pleases.

Ever since destroying the Skull Heart, Nadia has come to care more for those she has, quickly becoming angered hearing that the Medici Mafia has kidnapped the girls. She was lonely and left plotting how to avenge the Fishbone Gang after they were killed, she doesn't want the same thing to happen again.

As for her thievious ways, she steals for more reasons than amusement, but there are some occasions where she'll steal as a prank or see something shiny.

Why should that character be in this game: N/A

Why do you want to continue their history here: N/A

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play: N/A

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yes I did! The plug-in is the FlamingFerret. She can earn some currency by working (haha), mooching, free-lancing, or stealing (meow~). Also, those Vogons are bitter bugs.

1st person sample:
[If possible, it looks like the Vogon is... depressed. It's waving a fat hand at an excited looking girl]

Go away already.

Nope! Mew have to deal with it~

No more... no more puns.

I'll be out of your fur in a bit. I have to finish clawing through this papurrwork, remember?

You've filled out enough! Go!

Well, aren't you a meowvelous guy. I'll be seaing you!

[The catgirl chuckles and snatchest the guide and towel, leaving the Vogon crying as she prowls away with a grin.] Too bad; I had a few more for him. Oh well, cat's out of the bag now, and I scored a few bucks from it.

[She wasn't holding credits before, but she's counting a small stack and pocketing them soon after while the guide idles out]

3rd person sample:
Man, the rich people weren't so protective of their pockets. Slipping into that CEO's office had been way to easy compared to Medici's security. Or purrhaps they weren't use to cat burglars. Her tail waved as she grinned to herself, amused at her own puns. Too bad nobody was around to talk to her.

Setting aside the credits she burgled, she stretched and yawned, looking up at the sky soon enough. Well, 'sky'. It wasn't real in this ship; it was annoying to know it was fake. She supposed there were some good points to being here like the Skull Heart being gone and the Medici Mafia too... but now she was really the only one 'alive'. Ms. Fortune's tail swished back and forth as she stared blankly at the artificial sky. She was such a black cat.

Sitting up sharply, she shook her head and smacked her cheeks twice, psyching herself up. Maybe she was the only one here now, but the word was people could appear here at anytime! Besides that, there was no time to get depressed; there were people waiting for these credits.

Picking up the credits, she stored it in one pouch and leapt down from the rooftop, making her way to a poorer district on Thor.

Questions?: Nyah! We're going to have a pun party! Are you in??
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yes I did!
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