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2012-04-25 11:22 pm

Spotanious Application


Name: VG
Are you over 16?: Yuuup
Personal DW: [personal profile] vgcg
Email: toboe_fangirl40(at)yahoo(dot)com
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Other contact: AIM - Dragonhowl7 MSN - Preseathepup(at)hotmal(dot)com
Characters already in the game: Amaterasu, Naoto, Yuuka, Rhyme, Catherine, Deryn
How did you find us?: Over two years ago, a magical person appeared before me and poof!

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2012-04-24 07:27 am

Pawtential Application // [community profile] soul_campaign

Player Name: VG
Age: Twenty (Almost Twenty-One wooo!)
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Personal Journal: [personal profile] vgcg
Contact Information:
Email: toboe_fangirl40(at)yahoo(dot)com
AIM: Dragonhowl7
MSN: Preseathepup(at)hotmail(dot)com
Current Characters: Naoto Shirogane and Amaterasu
Links to Activity Check: Naoto's and Ammy's April and May activities
Name of Beta-reader: Ami

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